Disney Vacation Club Timeshare to Affiliate with Group RCI

According to news in the Orlando Sentinel and other sources, the Disney Vacation Club has signed a multi-year contract with Group RCI, a timeshare exchange company.

Effective, January 1, 2009, RCI will be the exclusive exchange provider for Disney Vacation Club timeshare members. Under the terms of the new agreement, timeshare owners at Disney Vacation Club will be able to use their Disney Vacation Club timeshare points to book timeshare at RCI resorts all over the world.

Exchanging Disney timeshare points through RCI will enable Disney owners to book timeshare at non-Disney resorts. At the same time, the more than 3.6 million members of RCI timeshare exchange will now be able to exchange other timeshare for stays at the Disney Vacation Club.

A spokesperson for Disney timeshare, which is based in Celebration, Florida, says the decision to switch Disney’s exchange affiliation from Interval International to RCI exchange will provide Disney timeshare members with “‘a significantly broader range of resort experiences,’ including access to destinations across six continents and 25 countries.”

Disney believes they will be able to attract more people to buy timeshare at the Disney resorts, by being able to offer access to a wider array of timeshare exchange.