Fire at California Timeshare Resort

Last week, The Worldmark Resort in Long Beach was damaged by fire. Fire trucks from the Long Beach and the Illwaco volunteer fire departments responded to the blaze at the California timeshare resort. Timeshare resort guests were evacuated to the main lobby as well as into the parking lot, where they waited, surrounded by frozen, snow-dusted dune grass.

As they stood outside, shivering in the 34-degree temperatures, guests at the timeshare resort voiced concerns about the WorldMark resorts’ smoke detectors, according to The Daily Astorian. Reports in the Astorian also pointed out that one family, “… went as far as to yell up to the firefighters to see if they could get their camera and oysters out of their room.” There has been no indication from officials that the resort’s smoke detectors failed to perform adequately.

Crews battled the fire on the second and third stories in the north side of the timeshare resort, ultimately dismantling the inner western wall and the outer northern wall on the third floor. A second shift of firefighters were needed to relieve the original crew as the blaze continued, however the fire was reported to be under control within about 2 hours after firefighters arrived on the scene. No timeshare guests or firefighters were injured but there is no mention of whether or not the oysters were rescued.

Timeshare Resorts Dealing with Fires and Other Natural Disasters

Fires at timeshare resorts occur from time to time, but typically they only inconvenience the guests who are staying there at the time the fire occurs. Resorts generally relocate timeshare guests to other timeshare units at the property or to other nearby timeshare resorts .During the period of repairs or reconstruction on the damaged units, timeshare owners are typically able to continue to book their vacations with little to no disruption to plans.