Only Santa Covers More Territory than Timeshare Exchange

I don’t know how many cities Santa Claus covered on Christmas Eve and in the wee hours of Christmas Day, but he’s about the only one who can take in more territory than you can as a timeshare owner with great timeshare exchange privileges.

Timeshare exchange is designed to give you flexibility in vacation destinations, dates, and accommodations. Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International, (II) are the two largest timeshare exchange companies, but there are dozens of other companies, many of which specialize in regional or other targeted types of travel. You will find the cost to join a timeshare company varies, as will the types of services they offer.

In their book, How to Benefit from Your Timeshare, authors Susan Johnson and Janice Taylor describe the benefits of timeshare exchange like this:

“An Exchange Club is an organization that lists thousands of travel destinations for use by its members. … An Exchange Club take points/weeks that you do not want to use in the current year and allows you to use and select from their huge inventory of locations worldwide. You should receive a directory from the Exchange Club listing all properties available to you within their network.”

Currently there are 4,775 RCI affiliated timeshare resorts and 2,400 resorts affiliated with Interval International.

Follow this link to learn more about the opportunities of timeshare exchange. And to help you get started in planning your vacations, here is a handy timeshare calendar or, you may wish to visit the website for Timeshare Calendar.