Timeshare Owners Beware!

Orlando’s Channel 9 TV has been on the trail of a Nevada-based company using some interesting tactics to attract timeshare sellers. According to reporter Todd Ulrich, the timeshare company, Apex Professionals, sends post cards to timeshare owners leading them to believe the company wants to buy their timeshare and inviting them to a meeting to learn more. The post cards say, “Now making immediate offers to timeshare owners who want to sell.”

After a seminar held in an Orlando hotel, (which Action 9 investigators sat in on) the details of the meetings were shared with timeshare industry expert Lisa Ann Schreier. Here’s Ms. Schreier’s take: “These people (Apex Professionals) wanted 35 hundred dollars and your deed which is really unconscionable as far as I’m concerned.”

That’s right, those “immediate offers” being made to timeshare owners turned out to be an offer for the timeshare owner to pay Apex $3500, and then deed their timeshare over to Apex.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

But it is highly possible that once you sat through the company’s persuasive seminar, listened to stories of how the timeshare industry is failing, how maintenance fees for timeshares are “soaring” and heard that it is impossible to resell your timeshare, you might have walked away believing that in the long run, paying someone to take your timeshare was actually a prudent thing to do.

Not so.

Sell My Timeshare NOW averages over a $1million per day in offers to buy or rent timeshares. Timeshare resales are sold or rented every day. But don’t just take our word for it; follow this link to the Channel 9 website. View their video and see where their investigative report tells you, “Consumer experts say timeshare owners can rent, or sell at a loss, and even that would be a better deal.”

If you no longer wish to own your timeshare, you do have options and none of them should ever involve a deal like this one.