New California timeshare resorts added to RCI Home Group at Point to Point Destinations

Point to Point Destinations has just announced five new timeshare resorts added to their RCI Points and RCI Points Home Group. All are California timeshare resorts although several are located in the Lake Tahoe resort area at the California/Nevada border making them convenient to the diverse recreational amenities both areas have to offer.

Point to Point Destinations is a California-registered non-profit mutual benefit corporation, and an association of timeshare members. Purchasers of Point to Point Destinations timeshare offered by West Coast Timeshare Ltd. (Canada) and West Coast Vacations Ltd. (USA) become voting members of Point to Point and can take advantage of all urban timeshares and resort timeshare property registered to Point to Point by either West Coast Timeshare Ltd or West Coast Vacations Ltd. There are 37 timeshare resorts or vacation properties in the Point to Point Destinations Home Group.

New Additions in California Timeshare at Point to Point Destinations Timeshare

Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge timeshare

Americana Village Resort timeshare and Stardust-Tahoe timeshare are both located in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Both California timeshare resorts are favorite destinations for skiing, enjoying Lake Tahoe’s beaches, or crossing the border into Nevada to enjoying gaming and casinos.

Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge timeshare is in Vista, CA and offers a mountain retreat on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, while as additions to the Point to Point Destinations Home Group, you’ll find the Olympic Village Inn and the Red Wolf Lodge at Squaw Valley USA. Sports buffs recognize the name Squaw Valley USA as the host resort for the VIII Olympic Winter Games in 1960.

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