Happy UK Timeshare and Europe Timeshare Owners

According to an article in Travel News Daily, a new report shows very happy timeshare owners in Europe. The research was compiled by The Christel DeHaan Tourism and Travel Research Institute at the Nottingham University Business School on behalf of the Resort Development Organisation (which was formerly the Organisation for Timeshares in Europe).

The comprehensive study of Europe timeshare and UK timeshare showed there are more than 1.5 million timeshare owners in Europe and that 87 percent of them say they are happy with their holiday ownership. Nearly 75 percent say they believe that timeshare accommodations are superior to other holidays they have taken in the past, and that timeshares provide a quality of accommodations that is important to them.

The study begins with the historic perspective of the impact Europe timeshares have had on the economy for more than 40 years. Results show a thriving industry that has a positive effect on local economies throughout Europe. Generating €3.2 billion in expenditures annually and employing nearly 70,000 people, the UK timeshare and Europe timeshare industry is clearly a strong influencer on the European economy.

Timeshare is a concept that has truly come of age with many thousands of happy owners across Europe,” said Richard McIntosh, the Chairman of the Resort Development Organisation. “The quality of timeshare resorts is high which is why many owners see it as superior to other self catering holidays. With exchange options available, owners also enjoy the flexibility of being able to try out resorts across Europe and the rest of the world.

There are 1,312 Europe timeshare resorts, which equals 67 million bed nights. Twenty-six percent of Europe timeshare resorts are Spain timeshares; fifteen percent are Italy timeshares, and UK and Ireland timeshare account for eleven percent.

McIntosh, who points out that Europe timeshares have an annual 72 percent occupancy rate, says, “Timeshare is a year round industry with owners as likely to visit in the winter months as the summer, spending money in the local community and providing jobs where they otherwise might not exist.

Recognizing that timeshare holidays are enjoyed throughout the year, and that timeshare owners spend an average of 1,588 euros per vacation on goods and services in the area where they vacation, Europe timeshare is clearly a substantial boost to local and regional economies.

Travel New Daily quotes Professor Chris Cooper, Director, Christel DeHaan Tourism and Travel Research Institute as endorsing the report by saying, “This report is essential reading for all involved in the timeshare business, not only does it provide a detailed profile of timeshare owners, but it also examines their future intentions and preferences in the timeshare market place“.

To learn more about Europe timeshare, visit the website for the Resort Development Organisation.