Aloha Hawaii Timeshares, Where Occupancy is Up in 2009

Time for some good news about the economy and its impact on Hawaii timeshares and timesharing. According to the Honolulu Star Bulletin, “Despite the economy, (Hawaii) timeshare visitors in the first half of the year showed solid gains.”

Opportunities for a Hawaii timeshare vacation.

As the Star Bulletin reports, “The number of visitors who stayed in a timeshare for part of their Hawaii vacation rose by 4.6 percent during the first six months of this year, with the number of visitors who spent their entire vacation in a timeshare up by 5.8 percent, according to data from the Hawaii Tourism Authority.”

Pacific Business News quotes Mitch Imanaka, chair of ARDA Hawaii as saying, “…even during downturns in tourism, time share continues to stand out as a reliable source of revenue for Hawaii’s economy and provide jobs for Hawaii’s people. Ownership is the highest form of loyalty. It is clear time-share owners are using their scheduled vacation time in Hawaii because they have already paid for their accommodations …”

Hawaii Timeshares Important for the State’s Economy

  • In 2007, Hawaii timeshares employed over 4500 people (an increase of 28 percent over 2006).
  • The Hawaii timeshare industry paid (in 2007) nearly $180 million in wages, not including benefits and employment taxes. (Source: ARDA report, Analysis of State of Hawaii Timeshare Industry.)
  • Hawaii timeshares were more than 88 percent occupied in the second quarter of 2009, and projections expect the third quarter to show approximately a 92 percent occupancy rate.
  • Not only do Hawaii timeshares directly impact employment and the economy in the state, restaurants, car rentals, taxis, attractions and other aspects of the tourism industry benefit from timeshare tourists as well.

Conclusion: If you owned a Hawaii timeshare right now, you might be packing your flip-flops for your next Hawaii timeshare vacation or pocketing the money from using it as a Hawaii timeshare rental. And if you were looking to sell a Hawaii timeshare resale, you might be feeling like your prospects look pretty good.