Spain Timeshare and the Temptations to Buy Timeshare During a Vacation

Benidorm, Spain, a resort town on the Mediterranean Sea, is the site of an alleged timeshare scam which has resulted in nine arrests and possibly more to follow. Police investigators have discovered 130,000 € in funds defrauded through a timeshare scam, but say the amount may increase as the investigation continues.

The troubles for Spain timeshares continue, as it has been less than a month since some 22 people were arrested in a timeshare scam in Málaga and Tenerife. Accused of swindling timeshare owners out of money paid to cover the transfer of ownership, the timeshare sales transactions turned out to be fictitious offers to the timeshare owners.

Spain Timeshare and the Temptations to Buy Timeshare During a Vacation

Spanish Timeshares

Spain timeshares and Spanish timeshare resorts are some of the most beautiful in the world. Their desirability and the appeal of vacationing in coastal Spain draws millions of tourists and visitors annually from around the globe—many of whom apparently let their guard down when it comes to making sound timeshare buying or timeshare selling decisions.

I recently read a timeshare buying tip that advised people to never buy timeshare during a vacation. The advice makes sense. During a relaxing vacation, a consumer may not be in his or her best business and negotiating mindset and the luxury and relaxation of a great resort can go a long way towards luring a buyer into a purchase that may not be right for him in the end.

Buying timeshare on the resale market affords you the opportunity to think about your purchase, reflect on the bigger picture, even seek advice from other timeshare owners you know or your financial advisor, tax professional, or attorney before you make your big purchase.