Who is Buying Timeshare and Who Wants to Buy Timeshare Soon? Survey Results.

Perspective Magazine released an interesting study of the readership of Owners Perspective Magazine in the publication’s November edition. Their justifiable point is that Owners Perspective Magazine offers an effective venue for advertisers who want to get their message to timeshare buyers, timeshare owners, vacationers who consider they may want to buy timeshare in the future and even travelers who rent timeshare.

But in the process of making this point, the publication also offers all of the timeshare industry, as well as individuals who want to sell timeshare, a reliable profile of who is interested in buying timeshare or who may want to buy timeshare soon.

Profile of Timeshare Owners and Prospective Timeshare Buyers

The timeshare survey shows that the most popular countries for timeshares owned are:

  • Europe timeshare (including UK timeshare) at 57 percent.
  • US timeshare (which includes always-popular Hawaii timeshare) and Canada timeshare at 31 percent.
  • Asia timeshare and Australia timeshare at 7 percent.
  • Caribbean timeshare and Mexico timeshare at 3 percent.
  • Middle East timeshare and Africa timeshare at 2 percent.

The average age of timeshare owners and owners of vacation property is between 56 and 62 but the average age of those who are interested in buying timeshare is between 42 and 48. They are 54 percent males and 46 percent females, and include 42 percent that are currently non-owners of timeshare but who want to buy timeshare in the future. Another 36 percent are current timeshare owners; 16 percent own fractionals; and 6 percent who are overseas property owners.

The Perspective Magazine article describes its readership as, “… more highly educated on average … technologically hip and like to compare prices. … they have an understanding of the pros and cons of vacation ownership and they’re aware of (timeshare) scams. They demonstrate an aversion to OPCs and scratch cards, they don’t trust telemarketers, and they are generally suspicious of sales techniques.”

Remember that these facts are not based on timeshare owners across the board but specifically on timeshare owners who also read Owners Perspective Magazine. However, one can’t help but assume that this look offers a reliable overview of timeshare ownership and timeshare interest.

And the takeaway? Don’t let the naysayers fool you. Timeshare owners are not frustrated and dissatisfied with their timeshares and vacation ownership; even in a declining economy, occupancy rates are around 80 percent and reported satisfaction rates even higher at 86 percent, according to a recent study from Smith Travel Research.

Neither are timeshare owners a group who were duped into making a purchase they did not understand. Timeshare and timeshare resales are a strong industry that has served millions and millions of timeshare buyers and timeshare renters well, and that continues to make improvements to all aspects of its products and services.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy Timeshare

Here’s a link to some of the Frequently Asked Questions by timeshare buyers and those who are looking to buy timeshare in the future: http://www.sellmytimesharenow.com/timeshares/index/content/buyerfaq/