Timeshare Sales and the Great Reality Check

Last week, when a popular newspaper ran an article bemoaning timeshare ownership, they told the stories of unhappy timeshare owners. First, there was a woman who bought a timeshare four years ago and has yet to use it. Then came the timeshare owners whose job loss, compounded by the decision to start their own business, left them wishing they could get the timeshare company to “take the contract back.” And don’t forget the couple going through a divorce, who could no longer afford their timeshare.

These are very real stories, each valid, stressful, and sad. Worst of all, they are situations that are multiplied many times over, especially in light of today’s unstable economy and dwindling job market.

…But with that said, let’s get real.

How many products or services do you purchase and count on being able to quickly and easily find a buyer for, if you change your mind?

How often do people, when confronted with job loss, divorce, illness, or any of a number of other life events wish they hadn’t bought their home or hadn’t purchased that new car? How typical is it that any of us in a tough economic situation would regret the big entertainment system, the boat, the travel trailer, or any other luxury expenditure that left us wishing we had saved more, spent less, and done something differently in the past to have put us on better financial footing today?

When timeshares are criticized for having “iron clad” contracts, you have to wonder what type of contract one proposes they have instead? If you buy a home, buy or lease a vehicle, rent an apartment, or even just have a credit card, you deal with some pretty “iron clad” contracts. Good fences make good neighbors and typically, good contracts protect you in far more ways than they restrict you.

Two Sides to the Story of Timeshare Ownership and Timeshare Resale

Why single out one industry and look for unhappy consumers as if that tells the whole story? Yes, there are many timeshares for sale on the secondary market and this probably won’t be a record-breaking year for the sale of new timeshares, either.

There are also too many homes for sale in most neighborhoods, too many used luxury cars for resale on most car lots, and far too many diamond engagement rings hocked at the end of a broken marriage. Does that make owning a home, buying a car, or getting married all negative things?

Let’s back off painting timeshares with the “bad guy” brush. Solid industry research confirms that there are millions—millions—of timeshare owners who are satisfied with their purchase and use and enjoy it regularly. There are also rock solid timeshare developers as well as some reliable timeshare resale companies working to serve the needs of the secondary market.