10 Things about RCI Timeshare Exchange You May Not Know – And Should!

For some thirty-six years, RCI has been serving a critical role in the timeshare industry, expanding the options for timeshare owners and enhancing the services of timeshare developers. RCI, a division of Wyndham Worldwide, is an expansive company, and there are probably features and benefits RCI offers timeshare owner members that you don’t know about … even if you are an RCI member.

Here are ten of the reasons that RCI is the world’s largest timeshare exchange company; see how many of them you already know:

  1. In 2009, RCI brought more than 100 new properties into its network of quality timeshare resorts, while retaining 97 percent of the properties that are already part of its extensive network.
  2. RCI has nearly 2000 call center employees located strategically throughout their worldwide service area.
  3. From their call centers, RCI representatives take or place over 10 million calls annually, welcoming their new members and introducing them to RCI’s extensive services; making or canceling reservations; and resolving issues should they arise.
  4. No hablo ingles? No worry. There’s an RCI call center representative to serve your timeshare needs in twenty different languages.
  5. Think green… RCI timeshare exchange does. Wyndham Worldwide, the parent company to RCI was ranked by Newsweek magazine as one the top 100 greenest companies in America.
  6. RCI communicates with its timeshare owner members and its future owner members through not one but two video network “channels” known as RCI TV.
  7. RCI offers RCI SnapBook ™ where members can store their vacation videos and photos for organizing, creating travel journals and vacation blogs, and sharing with their friends.
  8. RCI Shopping Perks® offers cash back rewards.
  9. Using state-of-the-art technology, RCI offers, Enhanced Search, an online search tool that 85 percent of surveyed users say improves their search experience.
  10. The elite RCI The Registry Collection offers more than 175 of the most luxurious vacation ownership opportunities in the world.