Timeshare Vacation Memories in a Snap

RCI timeshare exchange offers an amazing number of benefits (see: 10 Things about RCI Timeshare Exchange You May Not Know – And Should!). One of their newest features — known as RCI SnapBook™ has been specifically created to help you make the most of your timeshare vacation experience, capturing and sharing special memories.

Using a downloadable iPhone app, (available at the iTunes App Store) you can use RCI SnapBook to capture photos, notes, videos, or audio files about your vacation. Once your files are saved online, you can revisit them at any time, and as often as you like, creating blogs, stories, and albums to preserve your timeshare vacation memories and for easy sharing with family and friends. You can even share your experiences as they happen using real-time updates.

When you use RCI SnapBook to capture the magic and memories of your timeshare vacation you can choose to create multiple albums, using as many themes as you like, and then make specific albums available to targeted lists. For example, you might have one album with images, videos, sights, and sounds you want to capture for your co-workers and office friends and a different album that targets your family members and the grandparents. And when your uploads apply to multiple categories, you can update them simultaneously, and sync them in one easy step.

You know that timeshare vacation travel log you always mean to keep, but never write in after the first day … RCI SnapBook makes it fun to do and so easy you can do it in ‘snap’.