What Are We Drinking on our Timeshare Vacations and Hotel Holidays?

This week, the hotel management company, Benchmark Hospitality International, released its Top Ten Beverage Trends for 2010. Benchmark is a worldwide leader in the management and marketing of hotels, resorts, conference centers, and Personal Luxury Hotels™. Based in the Woodlands, Texas, Benchmark has a regional office in New Jersey, and international offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Santiago, Chile.

This year, after releasing their annual dining trends report in June, Benchmark Hospitality found demand was strong for them to assess beverage trends as well. And since enjoying timeshare vacations and travel often includes celebrating with good food and drink, The Timeshare Authority blog thought we’d pass this report on to our readers.

A Noteworthy Sommelier

Mary Watson-DeLauder is Benchmark’s chief sommelier and is recognized as one of the few female wine experts in the US. She was previously the award-winning sommelier for Lansdowne Resort’s On the Potomac restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia; was instrumental in developing an acclaimed curriculum of food and wine for the Culinary University classes; and has developed the wine programs for numerous Benchmark properties. Watson-DeLauder says, “This is an exciting time for the beverage industry, with lots of positive changes occurring. Some of the changes are economically driven, some taste oriented, and still others created out of necessity in response to changing palates and a new generation of consumers.”

So for all who appreciate a fine wine, here are the findings of the report:

Trend 1
Un-oaked chardonnays are replacing the big oak wines of the past. Many currently popular wines are easier to enjoy with or without food.

Trend 2
Sauvignon Blanc continues to gain popularity. New Zealand’s wine is leading the way with South Africa, Chile, California, and Virginia all producing a good Sauvignon Blanc as well.

Trend 3
Lesser-known (and often less expensive) grape varieties are gaining in popularity.

Trend 4
Champagne sales are down this year but sales of sparkling wines are up. New cocktails utilize the less expensive sparkling wines.

Trend 5
Sangria is making a comeback.

Trend 6
Basic cocktails such as margaritas, martinis, mojitos, and sidecars are being made with new fruit, vegetable, and herb options. Some bars are creating unique flavored gins, rums, and vodkas.

Trend 7
Novelty is its own trend…right down to wine popsicles.

Trend 8
Craft beers are hot—or cool—depending on how you look at it. Beers are even finding their way into cocktails.

Trend 9
Regional wines are in vogue. There is at least one winery in every state in America—which means a regional winery no matter where in the US you enjoy your timeshare vacation.

Trend 10
Wine goes to school with the growing popularity of wine and wine-pairing classes.

Whether you are at your timeshare resort or relaxing in your own backyard, we hope you are finding some time this holiday weekend to do the things you love the most. …To share laughter with friends and family; hike your favorite trail; catch a new movie or savor an old one… and even to sip your favorite beverage whether it is fine wine or sweet tea. Carve out a space for yourself; de-stress and unwind. Tuesday morning will be here soon enough.