Fresh Thinking about Timeshare Sales and Resales on Timeshare Talk

Friday morning I had the privilege of talking with Dave Thackeray on RCI’s Timeshare Talk, internet radio show. Not only does Dave Thackeray always seem to have his finger on the pulse of the timeshare industry, but he brings the UK timeshare perspective from ‘across the pond’ and that’s very enlightening, too.

Since neither Dave nor I is known for ‘holding back’ on our opinions, each time he and I get together on Timeshare Talk gets more and more interesting. And since our chats are becoming a regular feature on the show, I can only say, look out for what’s coming in the future!

You can play this episode now, by clicking this link:

You can also download it from iTunes or play it by going to RCI Ventures.

Here are some of the hot topics we discussed:

  • Find out what Sell My Timeshare NOW considers to be critical to our timeshare resales and rental business.
  • Hear the history and the future of where we are going and why.
  • Learn about the choice Sell My Timeshare NOW gives timeshare sellers and buyers.
  • Find out how timeshare fraud is changing the industry in ways no one ever expected.

Taking Pain Off the Timeshare Consumer’s Plate

Dave explains some services you, as a timeshare owner, may not know about including the new timeshare maintenance fee protection policy that UK timeshare reseller Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket is launching and RCI’s Exchange and Points protection, an enhanced protection right. Both are services Dave uses to exemplify the fact that the timeshare industry is going the extra mile to protect the consumer, a fact the mainstream media often fails to recognize.