Great Success in Town Hall Meetings for David Walley’s Timeshare and Trading Places International

Opportunities in David Walley’s timeshare resales and timeshare rentals.Marlena Forst, president of the David Walley’s Resort timeshare, board of director sums it up like this, “We made a great decision in selecting Trading Places for management — their expertise is unparalleled. The owners (timeshare owners at David Walley’s resort) were eager to ask questions and left feeling optimistic about the bright future of David Walley’s.”

Timeshare stories with a happy ending … they just don’t get enough media coverage. David Walley’s Resort, a Nevada timeshare, was part of Celebrity Resorts, a timeshare company that filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. The Timeshare Authority blog has followed the story—really two parallel stories—reporting to you on them regularly. On one hand, you have Celebrity Resorts timeshare and 35 affiliates in voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The timeshare company owned and operated thirteen timeshare resorts including Nevada timeshare, Florida timeshare, Hawaii timeshare, and timeshare in Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Celebrity Resorts, at the time, had approximately $12 million in secured debt and $23 million in unsecured debt.

Now for the good news side of the story. Board members at David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Carson City, Nevada, a popular regional resort, rolled into action when the bankruptcy was announced, seeking to protect the interests their resort and their timeshare owners. Here are some of the critical steps they took:

  1. Opened lines of communication for David Walley’s timeshare owners, keeping them apprised of changes and possibilities as they happened. Through mail, a purpose-built website and no doubt, endless responses to telephone inquiries, timeshare owners knew where things stood throughout the process.
  2. The Board then launched a search for the best timeshare management company for their situation, continuing to keep timeshare owners in the loop on where things stood.
  3. Most recently, Trading Places International has hosted town hall meetings at multiple sites, convenient to many of their owners, to introduce Summer Winds Resorts and the new role that company will play at David Walley’s timeshare resort.

In meetings in Sacramento and Genoa, (some with attendance so large an additional meeting had to be scheduled) Trading Places International was introduced as the timeshare management company while Summer Winds Resorts was introduced as the owners of the resort spa, restaurant, cottages, numerous unsold timeshare intervals, the deli and undeveloped land nearby to the timeshare resort.

Trading Places International timeshare exchange is experienced in guiding other resorts successfully through the transitions process. For timeshare owners at David Walley’s, the positioning of Trading Places International provides owners the perk of being able to take advantage of timeshare exchange through Trading Places International, with no membership fee owed, only the timeshare exchange fee itself to be paid.

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