How 2011 Trend Predictions Translate to Timeshare Sales

Each year, for the past six, JWT Intelligence publishes a look at trends to watch in the upcoming year. And who would be surprised that for 2011, two of the defining elements in shaping consumer behavior will likely be the economy and technology?

In a great video they call, “Eat, Pray, Tech” (see below), JWT Intelligence brings out the following points… all of which translate to timeshares in some very interesting ways.

  1. In view of the economic uncertainty of the past few years, consumers are receptive to levity. Look for brands to be emphasizing the fun or adding a sense of play into their process.
  2. Reluctant to commit, consumers will look to rent, co-op, or timeshare their expenditures.
  3. Technology is leaving the realm of optional in our lives and becoming an essential.
  4. The same consumers who are technology dependant will also be looking for opportunities to get away from technology; short-term escapes.
  5. Brands will be expected to, more and more, step up environmentally and as responsible contributors to the overall wellbeing of our communities.
  6. Technology will continue to become more and more personal.

Where Does Timeshare Fit in the 2011 Vision?

In a redefined economy, where money feels uncertain, many people simply are no longer comfortable committing to purchases such as lakeside cabins or vacation homes in the mountains. For them, a timeshare—particularly a timeshare resale they can buy at a great price—makes sense and doesn’t challenge their commitment comfort levels. Others, whose budgets are even tighter or whose commitment thresholds are set even higher, will find the great deals available in timeshare rentals to be a logical (and comfortable choice).

After too long with only stay-cations to keep them going, restless consumers may be looking to vacation somewhere … somehow. Feeling as if they have deprived themselves of the fun in life as long as they can bear to, 2011 may see consumers who have never considered timeshare before looking at it as a way to lock in the price of vacation lodging and ensure that even in the tough times, they can enjoy a holiday.

When timeshare inventory is available online, as it in with timeshare resales and timeshare rentals, vacationers and travelers can shop for vacation ownership or rental lodging from their computer or their internet accessible cell phone. They can easily tell what’s available and the amenities offered whether they are looking for a urban timeshare in the heart of it all or that escape vacation far from the daily grind.

Timeshare resales and timeshare rentals should also see a boost from consumers who are unwilling to spend their time listening to a timeshare ‘pitch’ and far more comfortable with researching and either purchasing or initiating the buying process online. The challenge for timeshare resale companies that offer by-owner timeshare and timeshare broker services will be in helping the consumer identify which companies, like Sell My Timeshare NOW, are reliable and worthy to earn their business.

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