5 Great iPhone Apps for Timeshare Vacations, Holidays, or Business Travel

Between GPS and smart phones, traveling has gotten a lot easier. Here’s a list of 5 iPhone apps, recommended by the travel gurus at Frommers. Using this handy information can save you time and hassles whether you are headed out on a timeshare holiday or on the road as part of your job.

  1. TripIt.com is a free app that makes it easy to consolidate your travel confirmation emails. Set up a free account at Trip.com then forward your email confirmations for air travel, hotel, timeshare, or car rentals to [email protected]. Your travel itinerary, flight status info and updates, addresses and your confirmation numbers will all be organized and easy to access.
  2. Stop guessing where to eat or shop when you travel. Using the Google ad supported app, AroundMe, which ‘reads’ your location from your phone’s GPS, you will get mapped directions to nearby businesses and services by category. Find stores, hospitals, restaurants, transportation and more.
  3. Need to download maps of your destination? Try OffMaps, an app available for only $1.99, with which you can download maps for offline use. Currently OffMaps is still best for US travel only, as international listings are limited.
  4. Dinner reservations are a snap when you use OpenTable. You can find real time restaurant availability for most major cities making it easy to book your next casual dinner or business luncheon.
  5. And for all those times that you have no idea where to begin your search for a restaurant in an unfamiliar city, there’s Urbanspoon. Select your location, pick a category, cuisine and price-range and then shake your iPhone and let Urbanspoon do the rest.

Life is hectic; schedules are demanding but the convenience of smart phone apps, much like the convenience of prepaid vacation and travel accommodations through timeshare can go a long way to making it easier. Best of all, free or low cost apps, like timeshares on the secondary market, afford you a way to enjoy life’s little indulgences without breaking your budget in the process.

Here’s more travel fun with this video from TripIt: