3 Things Sell My Timeshare NOW Does Not Do

The business world is a funny place these days when any company defines itself by what it does not do. But with all the misinformation that is out there regarding timeshare sales, timeshare resales, and timeshares on the secondary market, sometimes reminding people who you are “not” is important to do.

  1. Sell My Timeshare NOW does not make cold calls—ever. If you want to buy, sell, or rent timeshare or just find out more about the opportunities in vacation ownership, we will be delighted to talk to you—but you have to initiate the contact. We are not cold calling off a list and risking waking you up, interrupting your dinner, or intruding on your privacy.
  2. Sell My Timeshare NOW never makes empty promises. We do not guarantee you that we will sell your timeshare—why not? Because that would be a promise no reputable timeshare sales or timeshare broker company can make. We will promise to work diligently and responsibly to sell your timeshare or in helping you sell your timeshare if you choose to work with us.
  3. Sell My Timeshare NOW does not ‘bad mouth’ our competition, although we do warn consumers about disreputable sales and business practices within the industry. We deliver facts and trust consumers to make their own judgments. With an average of over 2 million page views of our websites each month, that’s a lot of interested consumers and a responsibility we take seriously.

Timeshare Sales are Changing: Metamorphosis in Process

Timeshare in a state of change.Timeshare sales and timeshare resales are clearly an industry in the midst of change and redefinition. And although the change is transformational, perhaps resulting in the emergence of one incredibly beautiful butterfly, change always brings with it a certain level of stress. As timeshares go through these necessary growing pains, look for a more stable industry to evolve. Expect (and demand) more flexibility in the timeshare and vacation ownership product allowing it to be better suited to the needs of timeshare owners.

And perhaps best of all, look for a newfound unity and professionalism within the industry, creating an environment in which no timeshare broker or timeshare sales company ever has to define itself by separating its practices from those of disreputable companies. When we, as an industry, work the ‘bugs’ out of how to serve the consumer regarding new timeshare sales and sales of timeshare on the secondary market, we will effectively be closing a door that in the past has allowed timeshare scams to slip through.