Hotels, Timeshares, Businesses and Individuals Supporting Clean The World

Clean the World is a non-profit association with a simple and powerful message we have shared with you before, here on The Timeshare Authority blog. And it all starts with the power of soap.

At one time or another, every one of us has wondered what happens to the partially used soap, body wash, and shampoo we leave behind in hotels and timeshare resorts. Apparently, the founders of the Clean The World Foundation thought about it too.

Recognizing that every day in North America alone, thousand of hotels and timeshares were tossing out millions of pounds of soap and shampoo, Clean The World developed and implemented an amazingly logical and effective idea. Instead of allowing these products to be discarded, adding to our landfills and seeping into fragile groundwater systems, Clean The World collects, sterilizes, repackages and distributes the soap to people who desperately need it.

With the recycled soap, they provide appropriate educational materials, both to third world populations and to homeless shelters in the US and Canada. With the availability of soap to impoverished people, the rate of illness from communicable diseases drops significantly.

What Happens to the Used Soap from Hotels and Timeshares

Working with their hospitality partners, Clean the World provides collection bins to housekeeping staffs at hotels and resorts along with training videos and instruction posters. Each week they collect the bins from the hotel and timeshare properties. Hotels and timeshares are relieved of disposing of the soap and soap products and in many cases, they are eligible to claim part of their contribution as a donation to charity.

At their Soap Recycling plant, Clean the World uses one of two methods for reprocessing the soap. An independent agency, Tri-Tech Laboratories, has tested the soap ensuring that it is sanitary and free from pathogens after processing.

Already creating jobs, Clean the World projects that in the next few years they will create between 400 and 500 more green jobs across the US at their Recycling Operational Centers. They have also partnered with two established organizations, Central Care Mission and Open Homes Regeneration for help in operating Clean The World’s 12,000 square-foot recycling center in Orlando, enabling formerly addicted and homeless men in recovery programs to assist at the soap sterilization plant, where workers process soap, shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel as part of their vocational programs.

In Nevada, Clean The World has partnered with the Las Vegas Rescue Mission where homeless, addicted, and those in need on the road to recovery run the soap recycling center there. And in Canada, Mission Possible has a similar program that provides manpower for the Vancouver soap recycling center.

Participating Hotels and Timeshares

The number of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and timeshares that already participate in Clean The World is extensive, and you can see the full list here: Participating Resorts. You’ll find many of your favorite Disney Vacation Club, Sheraton, Hilton, and Westgate timeshare properties on the list.

Happy Holidays from Sell My Timeshare NOW!You can get involved in this wonderful program by making donations of cash or soap; setting up a soap donation drive at your work or school (the collection area will smell wonderful as the bars of soap accumulate); and encouraging your timeshare and any hotels you frequent to participate in Clean The World.

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