Festiva Timeshare Charity Auction Proves Sometimes Less Can Mean More

Wrapping up our week of The Timeshare Authority blog posts about good deeds and goodwill spread by the timeshare, tourism, and hospitality industry this season is our congratulations to the Festiva Hospitality Group for a job well done at their 7th Annual Holiday Charity Auction. Held at Festiva timeshare’s headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina, in this year’s event, Festiva employees managed to raise a record-breaking $15,000 despite having fewer items to auction than in previous years.

Sabrina Green, Festiva’s Contracts Supervisor and head of the auction committee, says, “We’re so thrilled that we can help more families than ever this year. This event is always heartwarming as it shows how willing our employees are to help those in need, and we are especially blessed that we can do so while the economy is difficult for many.”

Added to the $15,000 raised by the Festiva timeshare employees will be a matching $15,000 donated by the Festiva company. Several months of planning go into organizing the auction, with employees in the corporate offices donating items which include gift baskets and hand-crafted items; Festiva travel products; and gift certificates gathered provided by area businesses. Employees as some of Festiva resorts also participate.

Festiva Timeshare Gives and Families Benefit

Because of the efforts to make the auction a success, 18 families were sponsored this year with the proceeds being administered by the Asheville-Buncombe Community Christian Ministries through Festiva’s Secret Santa Single Parent Project. Additional funds raised through the auction were distributed by the ministry program to other families in need this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Sell My Timeshare NOW!Good job Festiva; you made the holidays merry for some deserving families and some very happy children.