Timeshare and Impact on Local Economies

In the March/April edition of TimeSharing Today, Scott Riddle takes a detailed look at the beneficial levels of impact a timeshare can have on local economies. This is an excellent look at how, as Riddle so accurately explains, timeshare users bring, “cash with no crime” into communities.

Citing the American Resort Development Association’s (ARDA) economic impact study released last September, developed in conjunction with Ernst and Young, the US timeshare industry generated approximately $89 billion in economic output, employed more than 465,000 individuals in full or part-time jobs, and generated over $8 billion in taxes in 2009.

But TimeSharing Today’s article, titled, “Timeshare and the Local Community,” looks a the impact of timeshare on a level that goes beyond dollars and cents. As the writer so accurately points out: (1) Timeshare brings new people to a community, upping the level of exposure for the community. New people mean new ideas, new possibilities, and new opportunities. (2) The exposure of a community becomes viral as those who visit take with them memories, photos, and stories to share.

More so that hotel guests, timeshare owners become ‘residents’ in the communities where they vacation. They shop in the grocery stores, make return visits, and gain a sense of belonging that a sojourner in a hotel or motel may miss entirely. When you really think about it, timeshare owners, make communities temporarily a little bigger while at the same time making the world a little smaller, and both of those are very good things in building fellowship and new bonds of understanding among people.

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