ARDA Timeshare Convention 2012 Will Be ARDA-The World

With the way this year’s 2011 ARDA timeshare convention rocked, its hard to imagine what next year will be like when the ARDA Convention 2012 becomes ARDA The World.

And why not? Even though the American Resort Development Association is, and will continue to be, “…the Washington D.C.-based trade association representing the vacation ownership and resort development industries (timeshares),” the internet has brought the world of timesharing very close together.

Consumers like to shop for and compare timeshare sales, timeshare resales, and timeshare rentals online. As a society, we book our airline travel on the internet, reserve hotel rooms, shop for event tickets, and a variety of other consumer goods and services, why wouldn’t we also prefer to buy and sell timeshare online?

As an industry, timeshare companies now know more about each other than ever before. The internet makes it possible for businesses to observe the directions and decisions of their peers and of their competitors, virtually as they happen. Such laser focus within the industry doesn’t make it tougher to do business; instead, it makes timeshare companies better at doing business.

And the power of social media via the internet has people within the timeshare industry talking to each other (and sometimes about each other) on a daily basis. At Sell My Timeshare NOW both business alliances and new client relationships frequently are forged on various social media platforms.

Take a minute and watch this video as ARDA’s president and CEO, Howard Nusbaum shares more about ARDA—The World and explains, why business today is all about the “digital relationship”.