How Timeshares Change When We Understand our Brand

The following article, “Timeshare Resort Management and the Power of Understanding Your Brand,” appears in the June Issue of Resort Trades. This excerpt was reprinted with their permission. You may read the article it is entirety at The Resort Trades website.

Let’s face it … perception really is reality when it comes to timeshare.

Timeshare resorts fail or succeed based on the satisfaction of the timeshare owners. When the owners perceive that their voice is heard and their opinion matters, they will individually and collectively provide the vibrancy that empowers the resort to sustain and succeed.

Satisfied timeshare owners are the lifeblood of successful timeshares.

Yes, the economy matters, along with a myriad of other issues. But when timeshare owners are happy with the product they own, the resort is then fortified to deal with and survive the woes of the economy, lender issues, dwindling reserves, maintenance, mounting debt, safety, security, taxation, and daily operational challenges that are inherent in the existence of a resort.

Resort management companies recognize that timeshare owners who are happy with their vacation ownership pay their annual fees on time, treat the product they own with tender loving care, respond more favorably to the need for special assessments, and understand why too much deferred maintenance is in everyone’s best interest to avoid.

When their timeshare ownership matters to them, owners will work harder to hold up their end of the deal and keep up with their responsibilities as an owner. But in order for their timeshare to be a priority for them, owners must first feel that they are valued by the resort.

Only the resort management can create an environment that communicates the critical message that timeshare is all about the owner. Timeshare owner happiness and satisfaction does not hinge on a resort being perfect; it hinges on a resort being responsive to them as the people whose opinions matter most.