Timeshare Industry Welcomes Newly Launched Lubner Group

Timeshare industry welcomes Lubner GroupThis week we welcomed a long-time friend to, and member of, the timeshare industry, Dan Lubner, officially returning to the industry he never really left. With the formation of the Lubner Group this spring, Dan Lubner, principal and CEO will now lead a team of experienced interior design and resort renovation experts in providing service to hotels, condos and timeshare resort properties worldwide.

The principals of the Lubner Group primarily were associated with Robb & Stucky, a name well known to many consumers and to almost everyone in the timeshare and hotel industries for excellence in design/renovation projects. As Dan explains, “We enjoyed wonderful experiences with Robb & Stucky’s Hospitality Design Division and appreciate being associated with such a legacy brand, which had been in business for 96 years before closing in March. With the operation of the Lubner Group requiring minimal overhead, we are now able to provide the same level of quality services at highly competitive prices.”

Currently in the works for The Lubner Group are projects in Las Vegas, Sanibel Island and Key West, Florida, all great timeshare destinations.

Steve Lubner sums it up well, saying, “We believe the hospitality and resort industries offer significant growth potential and emerging opportunities as the economy moves forward and capital expenditures – which have been deferred for the last few years – will support additional growth. Projects previously placed on hold are coming back online as hotels and resorts upgrade their furnishings and fixtures. Shared-use properties have reserves built into their annual operating budgets for design and furnishing replacements, regardless of the economy. We plan to take advantage of these opportunities.”

The Lubner Group is headquartered in Fort Meyers, Florida, with an office in Orlando.

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