Fractional Summit USA 2011 with Special Offer Pricing

Fractional Summit USAFractional Life, the global fractional ownership brand and fractional real estate conference organizer, will once again host the timeshare and fractional industry at the Fractional Summit USA 2011.

To be held at the InterContinental Hotel, Miami, on August 30 and 31, the event brings together thought leaders in the fractional industry to help, “define the ‘new rules’ and future opportunity within an ever changing market landscape.”

Last year’s Fractional Summit USA, also held in Miami, was an inspiring event that left attendees talking about it long afterward.

Fractional Trade members are entitled to a 10 percent discount, a saving of $75, on tickets for Fractional Summit USA. This discount is available through August 20. Fractional Trade membership is a great way to benefit from networking and information opportunities and to take advantage of this attendee discount. You can find out more about this free membership at:

Event organizer Piers Brown explains, “With the uncertainty surrounding the world’s economy, our Fractional Summit USA offers serve two purposes — to ensure that we are providing delegates with value for money, and, vitally, to get the right people to attend the event. Our Fractional Trade members are the ‘backbone’ of the industry, while attracting new developers and lenders is essential for the health and growth of the fractional sector.”

For speaker and sponsorship opportunities at the conference, please contact Piers Brown at [email protected] or +44 020 8340 7989.