The Quiet Gifts of Timeshare Vacation

Your logical brain tells you your body needs a reprieve from stress, work, and routine. But many of us are not very good at listening to that side of our brain, instead telling ourselves that we should be ‘grinding’ on, getting more work done, ensuring that our bosses don’t miss us for even a few days.

Yet a change of venue brings very positives changes to the lens through which you view the world. And fresh air and getting back in touch with Mother Nature not only helps you clear your overloaded mind, which always benefits your health, but has direct physical health benefits as well.

In 2010, the Finnish Forest Research Institute found that spending time in forests and other green settings can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Assuage anger
  • Improve outlook
  • Increase overall happiness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower heart rate
  • Relieve muscle tension
    • In fact, getting back to nature has even shown benefits for those who are fighting chronic disease. Japanese research found that being in wooded settings strengthens the immune system because trees release airborne elements that increase activity of natural killer cells that battle cancer cells in the body.

      Timeshares and Vacation Planning

      Although taking time off to vacation—any type of vacation—is beneficial to your health and well-being, timeshare vacations offer some unique benefits that can’t always be found in other types of holidays.

      1. Timeshare vacations require less preplanning than most other types of holidays and this alone helps reduce stress. With timeshare you can choose to vacation at destinations you already know and love, eliminating decision-making and details.
      2. Timeshares are typically more spacious than a hotel room, meaning you can enjoy time with your family while not sacrificing your need for peace and privacy.
      3. Many timeshares offer a diversity of on-property activities and entertainment. Families of all ages can vacation together with the options for both grandparents and children to select activities they enjoy. Within the same vacation, some members of the family can experience a high-energy, active vacation, while others benefit from an ultra-relaxation experience.

      A timeshare vacation is a prescription you may want to write for yourself. Just think of it as investing in your health, personal well-being, and perhaps even your longevity.