What the ARDA ROC Resource Center Really Means to Timeshare Owners

Last month ARDA-ROC launched its Timeshare Resale Resource Center. This online information data center was created as a reliable, go-to resource to help timeshare owners and prospective timeshare buyers understand the timeshare resale market, including what to look for in a timeshare resale service and how to tell which companies to avoid.

ARDA is the Washington D.C.-based professional association that represents the timeshare, vacation ownership and resort development industry. ARDA-ROC is the Resort Owners’ Coalition, an alliance of over a million timeshare owners, developers and timeshare managers who promote and advocate for public policy to protect the interests of timeshare owners and future owners.

The combination of an unstable economy, lack of clearly defined timeshare resale guidelines and policy, and a demographic within the base of timeshare owners, who have now reached a time in their lives they no longer wish to be owners, has opened the door to disreputable companies seeking to make money by exploiting others.

Ken McKelvey, Chairman of ARDA-ROC, explains, “Existing owners are just as concerned as would-be consumers about the misinformation regarding resales and have supported efforts to educate owners about the process to buy or sell a vacation product from the secondary market. Leaders in our industry – developers, managers, homeowners’ associations and resellers – have tirelessly worked together to develop new business models for the secondary market as a way to address basic problems rather than treat symptoms.”

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