Cayman Islands Timeshare Vacation, a Good Beer, and You Help Save the Sharks

The Cayman Islands Department of Environment and Marine Conservation, partnering with Cayman Island brewery, CayBrew, has launched the world’s first conservation lager project.

Recognizing that the world’s sharks, and of particular concern the world’s largest species of sharks, are rapidly declining in numbers, this collaborative project seeks to underwrite the cost of research to help protect the species. This is a first of its kind project and is motivated in part by alarming statistics that show up to 90 percent decline in some shark species.

For every can of its White Tip lager that is sold, CayBrew is donating a nickel to the Sharks and Cetaceans Project. Additionally, when consumers scan a bar code on the can using their smartphone, they connect with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment website and gain information about, and updates on, the project.

Your Cayman Islands Timeshare

Of course, to enjoy the beers crafted by CayBrew, you really need to go to the Cayman Islands. Right now at your house, the leaves are turning and the crisp smell of fall is in the air, but you know the pleasant days are short lived. A few months from now, sleet, snow, and its-so-cold-my-car-won’t-start will be part of your daily routine.

Yet in the Cayman Islands, the sun will be beaming, the sand will be pristinely white, and the Caribbean waters will be warm and sparkling. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that at a Cayman Island timeshare there was a beachside chair waiting for you, perhaps one with an icy cold CayBrew beer sitting beside it?

Ten Reasons to Plan a Cayman Islands Timeshare Vacation Today

  1. 7 Mile Beach Resort Timeshare, 2 bedroom, 2 bath condos with a fabulous on-site dive shop.
  2. Castaways’ Cove Timeshare, offers access to private, serene beaches.
  3. Coral Sands Resort, Grand Cayman Timeshare, a small resort located close to downtown Georgetown with easy walking to shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.
  4. Grand Caymanian Resort Timeshare, located on the majestic North Sound, adjacent to the award-winning Links at SafeHaven 18-hole golf course.
  5. Morritt’s Grand Resort Timeshare, located on the secluded East End of Grand Cayman Island with amazing ocean views from your private patio.
  6. Morritt’s Tortuga Club Timeshare, offering a complete diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing program.
  7. Morritt’s Tortuga Seaside Timeshare, for days snorkeling through the coral reef and five-star dining in the evenings.
  8. Plantation Village Beach Resort Timeshare, ideally located on south end of famous Seven Mile Beach.
  9. Royal Reef Resort Grand Cayman Timeshare, 1600 feet of white sand beachfront.
  10. And because the sharks are counting on you.
Royal Reef Resort Grand Cayman Island timeshare
Royal Reef Resort Grand Cayman Island timeshare