Timeshare and the Shared Ownership Investment Conference VOIC

The theme of this year’s Shared Ownership Investment Conference VOIC on timeshare and fractionals is: “A New Perspective.” Well underway today at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Florida, one of today’s highlights will be the 12:30 PM to 2:15 PM, luncheon speaker, Peter C. Yesawich, Ph.D.

At our Shared Ownership Investment Conference VOIC luncheon, noted marketing strategist and trend-spotter Peter Yesawich will speak on: Why and how do people decide to vacation? He will share findings from his agency’s 2011 Portrait of American Travelers ™ and will look at how leisure travelers plan and purchase their vacations, and share information with others. His presentation will include a focus on affluent travelers.

Besides many great opportunities for networking, learning and sharing, some of the other topics that will be covered today in sessions at the Shared Ownership Investment Conference VOIC include:

  • Capital Markets; a firsthand look at today’s capital markets. Learn how projects are getting off the ground and how partnering with an established timeshare company can impact funding. Discover the critical components that prepare a project for lender review.
  • Fractionals and Private Residence Clubs; See how these properties differ from traditional timeshare. Learn from those who have been successful in this segment. Discover what elements must be included, techniques to control costs, and how to maximize the bottom line.
  • Emerging Opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean; Find out where shared ownership has quickly become a hospitality mainstay in the region. See what’s driving growth, who are the consumers, and if it is complementary to hotel and resort development.
  • Timeshare and Fractional Finance; Walk through the cash-flow process and explore the similarities and differences between these two sectors. Learn how development can be structured to limit financing needs and more.
  • Timeshare 101; Learn the basics of timeshare ownership and understand the nature of prepaid vacations and their appeal to consumers. Topics include tactics for profitability, cost-effective sales and marketing techniques, and new trends in finance.
  • Fractional 101; Aimed at the affluent market, fractional resorts have proven  an appealing alternative to second-home whole ownership. Usually sold in increments of two weeks or more, fractional resorts typically feature larger and more luxurious units, with high-end furnishings and upscale amenities. Design and programmatic elements differ from those of traditional timeshare.

The 13th Annual VOIC Conference is proving to be a great learning and regrouping opportunity in the vacation ownership industry with much more still ahead.