Timeshares and the Importance of Taking Your Vacation Days

The topic of unused vacation days is a hot one currently with agencies, associations, and companies feeling the pain as workers who have accumulated massive counts of paid vacation time, try to cash out on what is owed them.

But the biggest problem of unused vacation days is probably not what they mean in financial payouts and much more about the toll they represent on the workers for failing to take regular vacations and holidays.

Life for most people is just about as hectic as it can be with work and responsibilities taking up far too much of our energy, our time, our peace of mind, and our zeal. And for all the reasons you may be able to give for why you can’t work a vacation into your life, consider this:

Regular vacations:

  • Improve your work performance
  • Improve your health
  • Increase bonds in families and relationships
  • Promote creativity
  • And enhance your overall sense of well being, happiness, and job satisfaction

In other words, the cost of NOT vacationing can be far greater than the cost of talking a break from your routine. As NPR reported, based on research conducted by  the University of Pittsburgh’s Mind-Body Center, “Among the benefits to be found from engaging in multiple (leisure) activities are lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and smaller waists.”

People who have never taken a timeshare vacation often don’t “get it” but people who have enjoyed timeshare understand how much easier they can make it for you to commit to taking the vacation time you have earned and so very much need.

When bought as great deals on the timeshare resale market, make vacations easy to afford. Timeshare ownership creates a commitment to vacationing that you are much more likely to honor because you have already paid for your vacation accommodations. And even for the busiest among us, a timeshare vacation is about as simple to plan as it can be, requiring only that you commit to your timeshare interval, throw some clothes in a bag, and get there.

…Because the decision to not vacation could be so costly you wouldn’t want to pay that price.