Hospitality and Timeshare Legal Advisers Launch Data Breach Hotline

The Privacy, Security & Social Media Emergency Response Team of the esteemed legal group Baker Hostetler, has launched a new Data Breach Hotline. The hotline, staffed by attorneys with specialized expertise in handling the critical issue of data breaches, is manned 24/7.

Recognizing that hospitality and timeshare companies have, like many other industries,  been targeted in the past by hackers, the experts at Baker Hostetler offer round-the-clock response to help companies act in ways that best serve their clients while minimizing risk and liabilities.

The steps a company takes in the minutes and hours following a data breach are critical, yet changing state and federal laws make this difficult situation even more challenging. With three state breach notification laws slated to change in 2012 and at least 15 pending data security bills in Congress, corporations need accurate and timely guidance regarding the steps they take and the decisions they make after the breach occurs.

Likewise, Baker Hostetler’s Privacy, Security & Social Media Emergency Response Team can help companies make proactive decisions to reduce system vulnerability and be prepared with a plan in case a breach should occur.

The dedicated 24-hour, toll free Data Breach Hotline number is: 855-217-5204. The attorneys who staff this hotline have responded to over 200 data breaches in the past. This hotline supplements Baker Hostetler’s already existing emergency response and crisis management capabilities.