ARDA World Timeshare Convention Will Be Global Event

Every year the timeshare and fractional industry anticipates ARDA’s annual convention, which is typically held in alternate years in Las Vegas or Orlando. This year’s event, scheduled for April 1-5 at the Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino, is just 6 weeks away.

Although the American Resort Development Association’s conference and exhibition always draws international participation, this year, with the focus on “ARDA  World”, the global representation will be stronger than ever. Already attendees from more than 35 countries are registered, along with international development organizations and internationally focused sessions and events.

Howard Nusbaum, ARDA president and CEO, points out, “As an industry, we need to step outside of our comfort zone to explore new ventures on the international stage. This year’s ARDA World is a big leap forward, and I encourage everyone to make the time to attend this important learning and networking event.”

The Timeshare Industry and ARDA World

What our industry is tomorrow and what it becomes in the rapidly changing years that lie ahead, is shaped and directed by the actions the industry takes—or fails to take—today. Everyone who is part of the timeshare, fractional, and vacation ownership industries, or has a stake in these industries because you do business with or are influenced in business by them, should be an active part of the ARDA 2012 Convention.

  1. Register.
  2. Influence others to register.
  3. Sponsor.
  4. Participate.
  5. Share.

These 5 steps are key. They are our responsibility to do and they are yours.

Over the next 6 weeks make your plans to be at ARDA World and seriously encourage others to do so. Become active on Twitter using the official hashtag: #ARDAWorld. Talk about the upcoming activities of the convention on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr accounts.

Get involved as if your future depended on it… because the truth is, IT DOES!

ARDA World 2012 Annual Convention & Exposition