Timeshare Twittering at ARDA World 2012, Meeting, Greeting and Tweeting

In the past, attending the American Resort Development Conference (ARDA) meant lots of learning, networking, meeting and greeting. But times have changed, and now to go along with all that meeting of new industry friends and greeting of old ones, you need to add: tweeting.

Your twitter account is instantly accessible through your smart phone or other internet connected device. In less time than it takes you to read this blog post you can communicate to world what you are experiencing at that moment during ARDA World 2012. In 140 characters or less, you can share your thoughts, videos, or photos about what you are thinking and what is going on around you.

Why Twitter Matters to Timeshare

Twitter is real-time reporting to the world. But your tweets go far beyond your actual messages. Taking the time to twitter your thoughts, insights, responses or reactions provides immediate feedback to others in the industry. More importantly, in tweeting, you communicate to the world that timesharing as an industry is vital, in-touch, and cares about sharing its ideas and directions with consumers. And because twittering is a two-way street, it also says: WE ARE LISTENING.

Twittering is perhaps the simplest form of social media marketing in which you and your company can engage … but the wave of beneficial  change it initiates can be powerful.

SellMyTimeshareNOW.com and Timeshare Broker Services will be Tweeting live during all 4 days of events at ARDA World 2012. You’ll find us here: @VacationHotdeal. Sign up to follow this Twitter account and watch for the event hashtag #ARDAWorld.

This is one conversation you really want to be in on.