Refinance Timeshare: a Good Choice for Many Timeshare Owners


For years, timeshare owners have had few options to refinance timeshare on which they are currently making payments. Life happens. And when it does, the financing provided at the time the owner purchased the timeshare sometimes stops being a good fit for the family’s budget.

Timeshare owners can find themselves in a situation where their monthly timeshare mortgage payment is hard to make, whether it is because of divorce, salary reduction, the expense of a growing family or any of dozens of other reasons. Worst of all, when your timeshare loan payment is hard to make, the joy of taking the vacations you and your family need and deserve can be overshadowed. Your timeshare can start to feel like a burden.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are options. and offer timeshare financing and timeshare refinancing options available at competitive rates.

Now You Have Options to Refinance Timeshare

Through an easy online process, you can apply today to refinance your timeshare. Many people compare the application process to applying online for a credit card—it’s that simple.

If you are approved, your loan payment comes directly to you. You can then use it to pay off your current high-interest timeshare loan.  You will be starting fresh with a new loan, with terms that are a better fit for where you are in life right now. And your new loan will be a fixed rate loan, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your rate is locked in for the life of the loan.

You’ll be the owner of your own timeshare, not the bank or some other lender. You’ll be able to finally start enjoying timeshare vacations the way you envisioned you would when you first bought your timeshare.

Whether you own a timeshare unit, interval, or timeshare points, a timeshare refinance loan may be just what your household budget needs. There’s no upfront fee to apply to refinance timeshare and no obligation on your part. Imagine owning your timeshare on terms you can actually afford.

But you’ll never know until you apply. Contact us today or call (855) 597-3960 to learn more about your financing options.