Marriott Timeshare in Partnership with Clean the World Foundation

Marriott Timeshare Partners with Clean the WorldMarriott Vacation Club (Marriott timeshare) is involved in a lifesaving effort, that is as simple as soap. Working in partnership with Clean the World Foundation, Inc., Marriott timeshare is helping to make life a little healthier –and a little cleaner—for people around the world.

Describing their purpose as a global hygiene revolution, Clean the World recycles the partially empty bottles of soap and shampoo, as well as partially used bars of soap from timeshare vacation resorts  and hotels in the US, and then distributes the soap in hygiene kits to communities in need around the world.

More than thirty Marriott Vacation Club resorts in the United States are now participating in this program, having already contributed over 9,800 pounds of soap and 6,100 pounds of bottled shampoo, liquid soap, and other bottled grooming products. The toiletries are collected, recycled, sanitized, and then distributed via the three Clean the World recycling facilities in North America. Because of the contributions of Marriott timeshare, more than 52,500 clean bars of soap and hygiene kits have been distributed to 55 countries.

Marriott Timeshare is Committed to Causes in the Community and Around the Globe

Each year, 9000 children around the world die from illnesses that could have been prevented had they had access to soap. Thousands and thousands of others suffer with illnesses that weaken their system and are quickly spread to others. Marriott timeshare, is playing an important part in the effort to change this, recognizing that something as simple as the soap and shampoo left behind in timeshares and hotel properties can make a dramatic difference in the lives of others.

Lee Cunningham, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer -North America and the Caribbean, Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation says, “This is a great program that helps so many and we’re excited to be involved. To be able to repurpose an item that previously had been discarded to make such a difference to those in need is very rewarding. Our associates and resorts are committed to causes within our communities and beyond, and to children in need. Clean the World has powerfully brought both of these values together with the best bottom line result – saving lives.”

In three years of operation, Clean the World, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has recycled and distributed over 10 million bars of soap to families in the US and 55 other countries. Shawn Seipler, CEO and co-founder of Clean the World says, “Marriott Vacation Club, our first timeshare partner, is a prime example of the true commitment we witness among our partners with regards to sustainability and social responsibility. The Owners and guests who vacation in the timeshare villas can feel good knowing that their partially used amenities, which previously would have been discarded into landfills, are now being recycled and given to children and families in desperate need of hygiene products in the US and worldwide.”

In addition to the impact of this effort on lives and health of others, Clean the World has diverted 8 tons of waste from landfills. The work of Marriott timeshare alone has already diverted over 1.4 million pounds of landfill waste.