Global Connections Travel Club Resort Earns White Glove Award

The Sea Shells Beach Club Resort in Daytona Beach, Florida has been honored with the White Glove Award for housekeeping excellence. To receive this award, a timeshare resort or hotel must receive a perfect housekeeping score or 100 percent during annual inspections and reviews. Sea Shells Beach Club, part of Global Connections Travel Club Resort, is one of only 88 Florida resorts to earn a White Glove Award in 2012.

The White Globe Award is presented by the Superior Small Lodging Association. Sea Shells Beach Club General Manager Angelina Kauffold says, “We are extremely proud to be recognized for our housekeeping excellence and exceptional service. The staff of Sea Shells Beach Club consistently strives to provide impeccable service to our club members and guests. This recognition for the second consecutive year is proof that we have achieved our goals.”

Global Connections Travel Club Resorts Live Up to Expectations

Let’s face it. Cleanliness counts. The luxurious furnishings, spacious accommodations, and desirable amenities at a resort don’t matter if first and foremost the resort is not hygienic and clean—white glove clean. When you read resort and timeshare reviews on travel sites, you will notice that over and over, if vacationers have complaints about a property and cleanliness is one of those complaints, it will almost always be the first one mentioned.

At the five resorts it owns and the multiple resort condominium units it leases, Global Connections Travel Club resorts work to provide its 175,000 members quality vacations options that meet all their standards. Different than a traditional timeshare membership, as part of Global Connections Travel Club, members own “star credits” that they can use for vacationing at prime locations across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. Global Connections Travel Club vacation star points are also available to purchase on the resale market through a real estate licensed timeshare broker.

Roxanne Olsen,(L) Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, presents the White Glove Award to Angelina Kauffold, GM of Sea Shells Beach Club.