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In yesterday’s edition of The Timeshare Authority Blog (Timeshare Brokerage Growing and Hiring) we talked about openings for Florida-licensed real estate brokers at our Orlando offices of Timeshare Broker Services and

As our business continues to grow and buyer demand continues to increase, we need more brokers to respond to the demand. At our companies, we consistently have more buyers than sellers. Having timeshare buyers outnumber sellers, doesn’t mean that every timeshare interval or timeshare points offered sells, (or sells as quickly as the seller would like it to). But it does mean that when you want to sell timeshare there is simply no bigger platform with more interest from buyers than our websites offer.

Hear from Brokers at Timeshare Broker Services and

Frank G. Laroche, our company’s Director of Brokerage Sales describes the chance to work as a timeshare broker with our company as, “a rare opportunity.” He’s referring to the company’s policy of transparency in our process, integrity in our service, and the opportunity for a skilled, caring licensed timeshare broker to earn a very good salary, without having to “show houses” or work weekends like brokers of residential real estate are called upon to do.

But note Frank’s use of the word “caring”. As consumers, we’ve all dealt with company’s who don’t seem to care about our needs and objectives. At Timeshare Broker Services and we do care. We understand that when you want your timeshare sold, it is important that we do everything we can to help make that happen. As Frank explains, “not selling timeshare is a disservice.”

When we sell your timeshare, you are relieved from your commitment to annual fees and no longer have to think about what you will do with your timeshare this year. A new family takes ownership of a vacation product where they will enjoy affordable vacations in spacious, amenity-loaded resorts. And the resort gains a new member/owner who is excited to vacation there, enthusiastic about being a timeshare owner and who anticipates being able to stay current and timely with his or her annual fees.

Richard Cusanti is a licensed real estate broker with Timeshare Broker Services and He has sold timeshare both as new timeshares for branded hospitality providers (timeshare developers) and sells timeshare resales with us. He’s a perfect example of the high-integrity, high volume timeshare broker we are proud to have as our employee. Richard says he enjoys selling timeshare resales because the buyers he works with have done their research. Having sold in both new and resale timeshare, Richard finds that resale buyers are typically more informed and more educated about timeshare than are buyers of timeshare from developers. In sales of any type, what could be more rewarding than working with clients, that as Richard describes so well, “are buyers who really want the product you are trying to sell.”

Bonnie  Krampe is also a licensed real estate broker with Timeshare Broker Services and and like Richard, she has sold timeshare for developer in the past—many of the biggest names in the hospitality business. Bonnie says, “The thing that I like most about selling timeshare on the resale market is the ability to introduce multiple options for a potential buyer. When working for a developer, you only have the ability to offer one option for every type of vacationer. You must make your produce fit every need. Here, I can take each client; listen to what his or her needs are, and then recommend what really will work for them. I am providing such a tremendous service to both a seller (who can no longer use his timeshare) and a buyer (who saves thousands of dollars).

Besides that, the work environment here is the best I have ever worked in and that is saying a lot, since I have worked with some great companies …”

We are very fortunate to have a team of brokers who include Bonnie, Richard,  Frank and other licensed real estate professionals of their high caliber. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities for licensed real estate brokers at Timeshare Broker Services, contact 603-205-9257 .