The Labor Day Sale Timeshare Resales Did Not Have

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At Sell My Timeshare NOW and, we did not have a Labor Day Sale on timeshare resales, just like we didn’t have a Back-to-School Sale and we won’t be having any holiday shopping sales heading into the Christmas buying season.

You might think timeshare sales or timeshare resales bidding wars would be a good idea. After all, consumers have always loved a sale and with the downturn economy and many retailers operating in markdown mode, shoppers have become addicted to sales and sale pricing. Paco Underhill, of Envirosell, a company that studies consumer behavior, explains that retailers have added to the shop-on-sale mindset of many consumers. After several consecutive shopping seasons in a struggling economy, where retailers have used discount pricing to stay alive, consumers no longer want to buy what is not on sale. Many shoppers even say that paying full price, “takes some fun out of” shopping. Underhill even adds that, “Sales are just like heroin.”

So why not take advantage of consumer’s love for sale pricing and advertise “Weekend Specials” or “Doorbuster Timeshares?” Because at Sell My Timeshare NOW and, timeshare sellers set their price and timeshare buyers determine what price they are willing to pay for timeshare points or timeshare weeks and intervals. We sell timeshares at market value—the price the consumer market says timeshares are really worth. and Where Timeshare Resales are always on “Sale”

Instead of being like the retailer with the Labor Day Sale Special, Sell My Timeshare NOW and are much more like that even bigger retailer with its motto of, “everyday low prices.”

Despite what you may hear, timeshares—even on the resale market—really aren’t worth only a dollar or a penny. With a few exceptions, most timeshares have some resale value although it is never as much as the price at which the timeshare originally sold. And timeshare owners seeking to sell timeshare they no longer use, as well as vacationers looking to buy a timeshare, can count on our websites to always offer them the biggest, most competitive marketplace in timeshare resales today.

Sell My Timeshare NOW and—you might just call us the home of everyday low timeshare resales prices.