Travel Club Update: Destination Request Services has Contracted with TrackResults Software

Destination Request Services through TrackResultsLast Friday, we updated you about a new alliance between Travel To Go and TrackResults (see: Travel To Go And TrackResults Providing Enhanced Business Intelligence). This article shows how the new partnering is already making enhancing travel club business services for Travel To Go Distributors.

TrackResults announced today that Destination Request Services has deployed enhanced business intelligence for travel clubs. Destination Request Services, a distributor with Travel To Go, is now using TrackResults for travel clubs. Training was completed in a few hours and they are already enjoying the benefits of the latest business intelligence for the vacation ownership industry. Benefits such as engaging in the performance-tracking analytics and digital manifesting that will help their company’s success grow, and give them time to focus on greater business areas.

Philip F., CEO, has this to say, “TrackResults helps us keep track of all our information in manageable way. It is a very efficient program that everyone in our industry should be using.”

Drew Reynolds, Co-Founder of TrackResults, had this to say, “It is great to see a company have such a strong support system for their vendors as Travel To Go. We are thrilled to help Destination Request Services increase ROI with TrackResults.”

About TrackResults

Established in 2005, TrackResults Software is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As a leading provider of Business Intelligence, Sales Analytics and Digital Manifesting, it is accessible via any web-browser, or web enabled device. The TrackResults Software SaaS platform is the first and only, Business Intelligence Software for Timeshare and Travel Clubs.  It is used and trusted in over 200+ active sales centers across North America and the Caribbean TrackResults Software is a member of American Resort Development Association, Better Business Bureau, Resorts of Distinction, Resort Developers Association, Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers and The Utah Technology Council. Check us out on the web at, or call 888-819-4807. Don’t forget to like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter.