On Election Day: Think Timeshare for Cars

Timeshare for cars
Timeshare for cars

Zipcar is offering 50 percent off its regular fee if you rent a Zipcar today to go and cast your ballot to vote. What is Zipcar? Very simply, it’s timeshare for cars.

Described as “car sharing,” Zipcar is a Massachusetts based company that allows its members to scan their membership cards on a card reader that works through the windshield of the Zipcar. Scanning, opens the doors and logs the transaction. Members are then free to use the car as they choose, returning it afterwards to same parking spot where they picked it up. And today, in an Election Day special, Zipcar is offering any member who makes an hourly reservation in any U.S. Zipcar city, (between 5am and 9pm local time) a 50 percent discounted rate. No coupon is required and you don’t have to prove that you voted—it’s an honor system.

You can find out more about this discount savings at this link for Zip-to-the-Polls.

The Timeshare Authority is not affiliated in any way with Zipcar, but we do hope you vote today, November 6, 2012, and we are always keen on the idea of timeshare, whether it is timesharing the car you drive or timeshare vacation accommodations. Timeshare is a smart way to enjoy more while spending less.