Vacation Ownership Sterling Holiday Resorts Grows Non-Member Business

Ramesh Ramanathan Sterling Holiday Resorts India timeshare
Ramesh Ramanathan Sterling Holiday Resorts India timeshare

Recently released news from Mumbai, India shows that Sterling Holidays Resorts, a leading India timeshare and vacation ownership company, is experiencing significant growth in its nonmember business. 

Sterling Holidays Resorts (India) grows nonmember business

Vacation ownership company Sterling Holidays Resorts (India) is now looking at growing its non-member business alongside its timeshare owner (member) business.

Ramesh Ramanathan, managing director, Sterling Holidays Resorts (India), explains, “It is a conscious effort to strengthen the non-member segment. There is a huge market and we are working with the trade and MICE for this.”

He goes on to explain that although members are the mainstay for Sterling Holidays Resorts, and they represent the company’s long-term plan, non-member business is a great way to introduce Sterling timeshare resorts to the market and also generate member business for the future. Currently the company’s member and non-member business is at a ratio of 70:30.

Business for Sterling Holidays Resorts (India) has seen good growth, said Ramanathan. In the quarter ending June 30, 2012, the company recorded income from sales of vacation ownership plans increasing by 250 per cent from Rs 45 million in the previous year to Rs 158 million. The quarterly total operating income of the company was reported as Rs 317 million, as compared to Rs 185 million for the same period of the previous fiscal year, representing a 71 per cent growth. The company declared an EBITDA of Rs 10.80 million, reflecting the positive growth trend. (Need a link to a currency converter to better understand the Indian rupee?

Currently, Sterling Holidays Resorts (India) has 75,000 members. The company is also looking at opening  India timeshare resorts in new locations, Daman, Dharamshala, and Sariska, in the coming two to three months.

“Our revenues have seen an increase with the increase in our members and change in our style of services as well,” Ramesh Ramanathan adds. “Our resorts have been designed keeping a family in mind. A family is not made of one individual, but of different people with different requirements.”  He points out that  Sterling Holidays Resorts offer an array of activities to cater to the varied interests of vacationing families.