Granite State Contract Furnishings Praises Scottsdale Camelback Resort

Scottsdale Camelback Resort
Scottsdale Camelback Resort

Scottsdale Camelback Resort is a classic timeshare condo resort located in the foothills of the Camelback Mountains and only a short drive from downtown Scottsdale. For years the resort’s appearance has remained fresh and appealing thanks to Granite State Contract Furnishings, a timeshare resort and hospitality industry design and furnishings company. Here’s an update on how Scottsdale Camelback Resort recently acknowledged its long time relationship with the design company. 

Granite State Contract Furnishings Recognized by Scottsdale Camelback Resort

Granite State Contract Furnishings (GScf) a provider of high-quality design and furnishings to the hospitality and resort industry for more than thirty years, was recently recognized by Scottsdale Camelback Resort Manager Lori Entwistle for their recent refurbishment of units in the Scottsdale, Arizona-based timeshare resort.

“We greatly appreciated GScf for several reasons,” says Entwistle. “The first was the ease of working with them. They were the most professional firm you could desire. Second, their pricing was absolutely competitive in the marketplace and the quality was exceptional.”

Jim and Judy Mirabella, principals of GScf, were hired by the resort’s management and homeowners’ association to provide a design that would utilize as much of the resort’s existing furniture and décor as possible, while still giving the 30-plus-year-old project a new, fresh appearance. “We were greatly impressed by the synchronicity between Scottsdale Camelback’s Board and management team,” says Jim Mirabella. “They were great at making decisions and understood the value our design was going to bring to the resort in terms of guest satisfaction and positive comments.”

Entwistle remarks that not only did GScf work well with the Board of Directors for the resort, but their work product was impeccable. “We are very pleased with the result,” she adds.

About Granite State Contract Furnishings, LTD (GScf)
GScf has been providing interior design and quality furnishings to the hospitality and resort industry for over thirty years, as well as the purchasing or reordering of everything from furniture, draperies, carpeting, wall coverings, mattresses, graphics, lighting, upholstered chairs and sofas, to accessories. The firm can handle all the details of every project – from initial consultation and in-house interior design to purchasing, warehousing and installation. Granite State prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service, offering the best goods and services possible while staying within a budget. Principal Jim Mirabella can be reached at 603-356-5954 or on his cell at 603-759-1287.