Dial An Exchange Reminds Timeshare Owners They Have Choices

Timeshare Owners Choosing DAE
Timeshare Owners Choosing DAE for many reasons, including its Free Membership Level Option

Dial An Exchange timeshare exchange and services is reminding timeshare owners that they can choose which timeshare exchange company is the best choice for them. As Francis Taylor, the company’s CEO explains, “Many timeshare owners think they are locked into using the exchange company that they were originally introduced to when they bought their product. We would like to remind them that there are alternative companies to use when they choose to exchange their week and they are not beholden to using their initial exchange company.”

Dial an Exchange’s message is particularly timely because the approaching holiday season means many timeshare owners traveling, taking advantage of school and workplace holiday breaks, and planning year-end timeshare vacations. Dial An Exchange, also known as DAE, understands that  timeshare exchange greatly increases the flexibility of timeshare owners to fully enjoy their vacation ownership. Membership options include both a  Free membership level in which DAE members only pay for their exchange at the time of the actual transaction, and the DAE Gold Advantage paid membership level with its special perks and benefits for its participants.

“In a time when the value proposition for prospective and existing timeshare owners is more important than ever, we should allow them the freedom of choice to utilize any service that helps to enhance the value of their ownership,” says Taylor.

Dial An Exchange offers its members the convenience of online support, service by phone, and regional offices located in the United Kingdom;  Italy;  Hungary; Bulgaria; Australia; New Zealand; South Africa; China; Thailand; India and in the US in Phoenix, Arizona. Other reasons timeshare owners appreciate their DAE membership include the company’s policy of permitting a 3-year credit for every banked week, its 24/7 live access to exchange weeks, personalized customer service, worldwide vacation availability, discounted rental weeks in prime locations and informative monthly e-newsletters.