Every Day is Black Friday for Timeshare Resales

Black Friday for Timeshare Resales
Black Friday for Timeshare Resales

Black Friday in the US has come to be recognized as the day after Thanksgiving; the day retailers put their earnings for the year “in the black”, and the day consumers save big, big, big on deeply discounted merchandise. While it is great for retail to have such a day, in timeshare resales, EVERY Day is Black Friday.

365 Black Fridays a Year for Timeshare Resales

Without unnecessary elaboration (because you have Christmas shopping to get to,) here’s how timeshare resales add up to 365 Black Fridays per year.

Timeshares are sold by developers, traditionally through tours that are often instigated and secured by the fact that the developer is willing to give gifts to those who attend the tours. Timeshare prospects accept the gifts, which typically take the form of discounted mini-vacations, free theme park tickets, or vouchers for restaurant dining.

All of these gifts come at a cost to the developer, as does the payment of salaries to the employees who conduct the tours and work, typically one-on-one, with prospective buyers. For every person who buys timeshare based on the gifts and timeshare tour, there are hundreds (thousands?) more who do not. The cost of all the gifts and targeted sales and marketing efforts that is incurred by going after consumers who do not buy, is absorbed in the mark-up on the timeshares purchased by those people who do buy.

Eventually, timeshare owners reach a point when they want to sell their timeshare and no longer be owners. When existing owners resell their timeshares, they don’t give gifts to every person who comes along, claiming to be interested in owning a timeshare. And they don’t pay a sales and marketing staff to promote their timeshares, through tours and other tactics. This is good news for buyers, because it means resellers do not need to mark up the selling price of their timeshare in order to cover an elaborate marketing strategy that falls short of creating a sale far more often than it succeeds.

Without the big mark up to cover sales costs, timeshare resales can be sold at market value… that’s the price most consumers are willing to pay to become a timeshare resale owner. The market value price of timeshare is typically at least 50 percent, and some times as much as 70 percent, below the original selling price of the unit, points, or interval.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait until the fourth Friday in November to buy a timeshare resale at a discounted price. You’ll find great deals in timeshare resales, today, and every day.