Full Service Timeshare Resale Program Offers You Choices

Selling your timeshare resale: one size does not fit all
Selling your timeshare resale: one size does not fit all

Let’s face it, one size doesn’t really fit all. This is true in the clothes you wear, the financial choices you make, and even the car you buy. And it’s just as true when selling your timeshare. When it comes to timeshare resale, you need choices.

With Sell My Timeshare NOW, as a timeshare seller, you have options regarding whether to sell by owner or to sell your timeshare through a licensed timeshare broker. If you choose to sell by owner, you  can then choose whether to handle all aspects of your resale yourself for to turn to professionals to help you with certain parts of your sale.

Most by owner sellers find they need an advertising partner that has a global internet presence. They also typically, find they need (or prefer) to have help from a timeshare closing company. A timeshare closing company will help you with the final paperwork and will function as your escrow service. Both a timeshare advertising company and a closing company require payment for their services, which means you have to consider their fee as part of your cost to sell.

These professionals tend to be the difference maker in the ease of making a by owner sale. An ad company helps you find your timeshare buyer through targeted internet advertising. A closing company helps you with the final steps of timeshare closing and title transfer, which is especially helpful since closing laws vary from state to state and the process can be different for each resort.

Beyond these two steps of timeshare resale, many current owners can and do elect to handle the other parts of their timeshare sale themselves. They can answer prospective buyer inquiries and when they receive offers they can then negotiate the terms that are acceptable to them, all without paying money or giving up proceeds of the sale to a third party to provide these services. Timeshare resale by owner means that the seller keeps all of the money from the timeshare sale after the expenses of the sales process and any outstanding debt, annual fees, or timeshare taxes are satisfied.

But as effective as timeshare resale by owner can be and as much as it is an ideal choice for many timeshare owners, it is not your only option for selling timeshare, nor is it the right choice for every owner. Many people choose to turn the resale of their timeshare over to a timeshare broker. A timeshare broker is a state licensed real estate broker who has specialized knowledge of timeshare sales.

If you choose to sell your timeshare through a timeshare broker, you will find the process to be extremely easy and “hands free” for you. A timeshare broker requires no money up front, so you don’t pay any resale advertising costs, nor do you pay a separate timeshare closing service or escrow company fee. In fact, if a broker is unable to sell your timeshare, you don’t pay anything at all.

Timeshare brokers are paid only when they sell your timeshare. Their fees, like those of most real estate brokerage transactions, are satisfied from the proceeds of the sale and are based on a commission rate that you and the broker agree upon before he or she takes on your timeshare as a listing.

While by owner timeshare sales and timeshare brokerage sales are two options for selling your timeshare, Sell My Timeshare NOW also offers other services that might be an even better choice for you. Before you decide how you will resell your timeshare, why not talk to a company that is truly full service? At Sell My Timeshare NOW, we’ll help you find the timeshare resales choice that is the best fit for you.