Sharetime for Timeshare Owners Available Online

Sharetime Magazine for Timeshare Owners
Sharetime Magazine for Timeshare Owners

The newest issue of Sharetime magazine is available online. Sharetime is published by TATOC, the Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees), and targets the interests of all timeshare owners, TATOC members, affiliates, and anyone interested in learning more about the vacation values available in timesharing today.

The current issue includes a look at The Four Seasons, an article on Silverpoint timeshares, an interview with Francis Taylor on the future and vision for Dial An Exchange, and much more, including good tips for buying timeshare resales and how to avoid timeshare resale scams. Be sure you also check out the interview with timeshare owners Chris and Gilliam Dwyer, on why they love their Diamond timeshare ownership.

Harry Taylor, TATOC executive chairman and CEO says, “TATOC has always believed that we need to inform and educate timeshare owners so they get the most from their ownership and pass on positive word of mouth experiences to others. Sharetime helps provide this four times a year with a quality, independent magazine and a website that projects a positive but truthful vision of the industry.

“This year we want to make Sharetime magazine and website the ‘go-to place’ for timeshare owners and committees who want the latest industry and travel news, advice and education. I urge all affiliates and member resorts join us by promoting the magazine and contributing to it as well on a regular basis.”

Sharetime is available to anyone to download at

You can receive a print edition by contacting the TATOC head office on +44 (0) 161 237 3518.