Timeshare Scam Alert Warning from Travel To Go

Vacation services provider, Travel To Go released a media announcement this week to its members and others who may own timeshare, warning them to be wary of timeshare scam solicitations. In the  press release, the Travel To Go Scam Department described some of the approaches and ruses used by timeshare scam companies and disreputable individuals to receive payments for services that will likely never be received by the timeshare owner.

The full content of the Travel To Go timeshare scam announcement to the media appears below. You can learn more about Travel To Go by contacting (800) 477-6331. You’ll also find a video below from Sell My Timeshare NOW that addresses both timeshare scam and the need to be an informed consumer, no matter what you are buying, selling, or services for which you may be contracting.

Travel To Go Scam Department Warns Members of Fraudulent Timeshare Purchase Calls

The Travel To Go Scam Department was established so that members of this travel club could fully enjoy their luxury vacations without worrying about falling victim to scams of the moment, thereby improving the whole travel experience by education members one scam at a time.

Travel To Go Scam Department is one of the most acclaimed in the industry, and members of this travel club are ecstatic to know about all of the present scams in the travel industry like that of fake timeshare purchase calls. Every year there are scams that are far more successful and much more common throughout the industry, and in 2013 the main scam is that of the fake “Timeshare Buyer” interested in purchasing a person’s timeshare.

Travel To Go Scam Department warns their members to watch out for any calls talking about selling their timeshare memberships, because this is the newest scam on the scene. Unsuspecting timeshare members will receive calls, from supposedly legit timeshare dealers companies offering them deals of a lifetime to purchase their timeshare memberships. There are even some buyers that offer a trade, and only ask members for a small deposit to switch over their memberships. Travel To Go recommends that members proceed with caution when these buyers promising amazing deals show up out of nowhere.

Travel To Go Scam Department suggests that members first get the person’s contact information and immediately call their individual timeshare contact at the company where they purchased their timeshare ownership. These members should look up the legitimate number for their timeshare dealer online to make sure that the person who contacted them is actually affiliated with their company. To do this, call the exact number listed on the site, and ask about the person that made the call. More often than not, the person offering to buy the timeshare is actually a con artist looking to have money wired to them. So, members will end up wiring a few thousand dollars to a person that only wants their money, and they are still in possession of their timeshare, and out the money that they sent.

Travel To Go Scam Department watches out for all of their members so that travelers can enjoy going on vacation, versus falling victim to travel scams. It is nice that a person can rely on a company to watch out for all of their needs, which is why so many members are satisfied with all of the travel deals and individual attention that they receive as a member of Travel To Go.