Travel To Go Vacation Club Provider Using Surprising Technology (Part 2)

Travel To Go

Our guest blogger is Tommy Middaugh, Executive Vice President of Travel To Go. Tommy shares more about Travel To Go’s use of radio and the plan to broadcast live, in partnership with Carry-On Travel Connections, from ARDA World 2013. As Tommy explains, “Collaborating with our distributors to educate consumers about the value perspective  an flexiblity of private membership travel programs to our distributors‘ markets helps to add confirmation and credibility to the demographic sectors in which our distributors are located. We are excited to be part of the innovate ideas our distributors create.” 

From Tommy Middaugh, Travel To Go, Travel Services and Vacation Club Products Provider:

Tommy Middaugh, on The Timeshare Authority blog
Tommy Middaugh

“We live in changing times.  Watching the analytics of an ever evolving industry and staying one step ahead of the shifts is the goal of Travel To Go”

Travel To Go has taken a “hands on” approach at partnering with our distributors in their philosophy of educating the public on the benefits   of our private membership programs.

Recently I was approached by Joe Miller and Kimper Morris of Carry-On Travel Connections to assist them with a radio marketing campaign they wanted to do in the Charlotte North Carolina area.  I have had some experience in the past with this type of brand identification marketing to enhance the productivity of our response to mail and telephone solicitation.  “Collaborating with our distributors to educate consumers about the value perspective and flexibility of private membership travel programs to our distributors’ markets helps to add confirmation and credibility in the demographic sectors in which our distributors are located.  We are excited to be part of these innovative programs.”

I flew out to the radio station upon their request and  found the perfect match In WGIV’s format.

The end result was immediate action to the phones and booking, but the educational benefits to the public was received with open arms.

Joe then invited me to participate in another three shows with them.  The second one was as equally productive.  It gives us an opportunity to provide concept education on our industry to the public, as well as the side benefit of instant tour bookings and enhanced direct marketing response. The video segments will be available on the Travel To Go YouTube Channel at

You are invited to come meet us and register for a Cruise for two aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines at the Travel To Go booth at ARDA WORLD Convention on April 9th in Fort Lauderdale.  At noon eastern you will have an opportunity to see this in action.  We will be participating in a video simulcast with Atiya Harris, Shuvar Rodgers from WGIV 103.3 in Charlotte, Joe Miller from Carry-On Travel Connections and myself broadcasting live from ARDA and WGIV’s local and internet stations during the “Money Talks Show”.  We will also broadcasting through Travel To Go’s social media networks.  Or you may listen in via this link: