5 Tips for Timeshare Professionals to Get the Most out of ARDA World 2013

ARDA World Global Timeshare Event
ARDA World Global Timeshare Event

With the ARDA World 20313 timeshare and shared ownership convention only a week away, timeshare industry professionals who haven’t already prepared for the event, still have time to get their plans in order and make the most of  the time they spend there.

Earlier this month, Howard Nusbaum, ARDA President and CEO gave 5 suggestions for maximizing your experience at the annual ARDA timeshare and shared ownership conference. Since the ARDA conference is the largest, most comprehensive opportunity for the vacation ownership industry to come together each year and share news, ideas, and information, not only is your attendance critical for you, but you need to put in the time now to ensure you are getting the very most you can out of this significant event.

Maximize Your ARDA World Experience

by Howard Nusbaum, ARDA President and CEO

(Written March 7, 2013) Today we are exactly one month away from Timeshare’s Big Global Event—ARDA World (April 6-11 in Hollywood, Florida). As our dedicated staff, engaged volunteers, and active members ready themselves for this annual industry extravaganza, I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to “prime your ARDA World pump,” thus ensuring the best experience and opportunity the ARDA World convention has to offer.

1)   Go to our Convention schedule web page and check out the meeting agenda. Planning out your itinerary from the many professional development opportunities to the general session is key to getting the most out of what is offered. Think of it as the “vacation buffet table”—peruse what is there to enjoy before you fill your plate, that way you will get what you want. Be strategic!

2)    Check out the exhibitor list as these are the companies offering the cutting edge products and services designed just for your business. The exhibit hall is large and chock full of great business opportunities. Map out your experience!

3)   Prepare to party: and that means pace yourself and bring comfortable shoes, because you will want to hit it all—from the opening AIF Golf Tournament presented by RCI, to “The Opening Night” brought to you by ICE and RCI, to Interval International’s Party with a Cause, and finally the ARDY Gala Awards.

4)   Promise yourself you will learn something new. It may be a chance to better understand the next generation through “co-creation” at the Sales & Marketing Forum, or taking note of thought leader and keynote speaker Don Tapscott to better understand the value and impact of information technology, or the chance to understand the opportunities for creating a healthier sold out resort at the Legacy Resort Workshop. Opportunity abounds!

5)   Put yourself out there. With more than 2,500 of the industry’s top professionals at ARDA World, be a networker. Make a new business friend and enhance your business relationships by leaving your comfort zone—promise to make at least one new acquaintance each day.

You’ve got thirty days to get ready for the one event of the year that matters most to your business—be a scout and spend some time getting ready to maximize your ARDA World Experience.