Marriott Vacations Continues Building out Las Vegas Timeshare Grand Chateau

Marriotts Grand Chateau Las Vegas timeshare
Marriotts Grand Chateau Las Vegas timeshare

One of many popular resorts of Marriott Vacations Worldwide (Marriott timeshare) is the Las Vegas timeshare, Marriott Grand Chateau. Already with some 450 timeshare villas, the current phase in development will add another 200-plus timeshare villas in a 36-story tower.

The Las Vegas Review Journal quoted Ed Kinney, vice president, corporate affairs, at Marriott Vacation Club International, as saying that this phase of development is expected to be completed, “sometime in 2014.”

Kinney added, “As a market, Las Vegas goes up and down, but we’ve had a tremendous success in that market (the Las Vegas timeshare vacation market) . We’re happy with this location. The guest’s experience is great.”

Marriott’s Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare Resort

A beautiful Las Vegas timeshare with a great guest experience explains a lot about why Marriott’s Grand Chateau has appeared on the Hot Properties  for each of the last four years.  The timeshare resorts that make this list each year are the resorts shown to be most in demand as timeshare resales and timeshare rentals based on the number of offers received to buy or rent timeshare at the LLC websites.

More on development at this resort from The Timeshare Authority blog: